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American Legion Auxiliary

We have been granted our charter and we are always accepting applications for Post family members, including junior members, to help us build our membership. We look forward to partnering with the Post and helping to support our local veterans and their families.

Reach out to the Auxiliary via phone, text, or email for any questions, suggestions, or ideas:

President: Gail Percival 480-320-8623 [email protected]

Secretary: Jennifer Holmes 702-290-5801 [email protected]

President: Gail Percival

Vice President: Linda Le Duc

Treasurer: Claudia Shepheard

Sergeant of Arms: Corinne Forman

Chaplain: Willie Cheatham

Secretary: Jennifer Holmes

We do not currently have any events planned, however we hold our board meetings at the VVA on Cheyenne every second Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm. We are waiting to see when Humana re-opens to hold a general meeting since we have two new members. We appreciate that you have the Unit mentioned in your newsletter, thank you for taking the time to advertise on our behalf.

We are still learning the guide book and I have been researching the website. I am currently researching how to get our website set up. I am eager to discover how to find local events that we can be part of or set up donation cans for.

Thank you for your time,

Jennifer Holmes

Secretary-ALA Unit 76

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American Legion Auxiliary Membership App

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