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Tony Mascari



Greetings Post 76,

I hope this message finds you all healthy and safe.

Once again, I send this communication out to you with the most up to date news we have from the Post. Although, it would appear that restrictions may soon be loosening, it is safe to say, we were not able to meet in May. However, after speaking with Post member Ian McNary, He was able to provide a livestream virtual meeting which allowed members to join in remotely, and participate from home. THANKS to Ian, and the Humana team for making that happen.

In the meantime, your post officers have been hard at work via Zoom meetings, emails, text’s and calls.

The commitment and dedication of all the officers to continue the work of the Post has been inspiring, and you can rest assured that we will be on very solid footing when our meetings can resume.

Our priority recently has been the upcoming Memorial Day remembrance ceremony held at The Lakes. Several different “plans” had to be in place to accommodate whatever level of attendance the current situation would allow. A special THANKS goes to Roger Henning for keeping this all together and coordinating with all the various parties involved. It seems (at this juncture), that it will be a very small ceremony with only the minimum people allowed to be in the park. We will attempt to live stream and video the ceremony if any would care to watch.

Additionally, certain American Legion programs have been cancelled, or postponed by Department and National. Among them, Boys State, Oratorical, and Legion Baseball.

While we continue to search for our “new normal”, it cannot be understated that COVID 19 has had a major impact on all of us. I hope all of our members know that there are resources available thru state, and federal agencies to assist with all types of situations. A “buddy check” goes a long way, and if you are aware of a resource that a fellow veteran may need, then please share! We are all in this together, and we are still a team!

In closing, it is our hope that you are all well, and healthy and continue to practice safe routines as you go thru your day. We look forward to seeing you all again, once the “all clear” is given.

May God bless you all.


Tony Mascari

Commander, Post 76  

Thomas Mahon


The annual election and installation of Post 76 officers will be held at the General meeting on Sunday, 15 April 2018. The Executive Board will nominate a person for each elected office (Commander, 1st Vice Commander, 2nd Vice Commander, Sergeant-at-Arms, and one Director), and this slate will be brought before the Post 76 membership for a vote by the membership. Nominations are also accepted from the floor. There are 7 elected officers, but Directors serve a three-year term, so only one is up for election each year.

The Post 76 General Meeting is your connection to American Legion happenings around the Las Vegas Valley. Here you can rub elbows with veterans from every US Military Service and enjoy their camaraderie, meet your Veterans Service Officers, get an update on Veterans benefits and support from our monthly Guest Speaker Program, learn what activities Post 76 is getting involved with, and have a tasty snack and drink afterwards. It’s also where you can make suggestions to help us to provide you the kind of meeting and activities that will make you feel good about paying your annual dues. Come to the meetings every 3rd Sunday of the month at the Durango Hills YMCA, at 1:30 PM, and you’ll be glad you did.

Your Post 76 Adjutant is the person to whom you can turn for answers on any questions you may have regarding your membership status, or any other issues, concerns, or suggestions that you have with Post 76 operations. He is the person who can get you straight answers and help make your membership in Post 76 a more rewarding experience.

Contact Tom Mahon, (702) 619-2873 anytime 24/7.